Badass Employment Lawyer Required?

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I set up Hancocks Solicitors 11 years ago this week.  Thank you so much to all of you who sent their congratulations in response to the anniversary reminder on LinkedIn.  Hancocks was a traditional law firm, specialising in employment law and primarily in litigation.  If you visit the Hancocks website, you’ll be redirected to Your HR Lawyer.

We have now set up a new division, Your HR Lawyer Litigation that deals with all of the matters that Hancocks used to deal with – strategic employment law, TUPE, settlements and ET litigation.  We have always supported employers but with the evolution of Hancocks to YHRL Litigation, we have decided that we will no longer accept any more instructions from employees. Our colours are firmly pinned to the mast of the employer.  So, if you need a badass employment lawyer, you know where to find us now.

On 4th October 2017 the Litigation team are running a Mock Employment Tribunal at the National Justice Museum, Nottingham. Our Employment Judge will be played by a practising barrister Lisa Hardy of 1 High Pavement Chambers.  

P.S. We have only 10 spaces left so if you haven’t booked yours yet, click here and book your ticket today.


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