58 days to go…

There are only 58 working days to make sure you are all ready to go for the New Year. Don’t wait until the 1st January set your HR new year resolutions.

If you haven’t even thought about HR or think you don’t need it, think again!  It’s common for small businesses (in particular) to believe this – until ‘the proverbial’ really hits the fan!  If you employ people – or even use the services of people that you class as self-employed, you need HR.

It is a legal requirement to issue a contract of employment to employees within the first 2 months of employment but if that’s not enough reason for you to do it, do it because it defines the relationship and provides protection to your business.

You should, as a minimum, have a disciplinary, grievance and equal opportunities policy.

You need to understand what is classed as ‘working time’ and ensure that you are paying your staff at least the minimum/living wage for all working hours.

You really should have a basic understanding of employment rights and your responsibilities as an employer.

If you don’t know what you don’t know about HR, get in touch with us to arrange a cuppa and a chat to find out if you are exposed and what you can do about that now.


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