6 weeks into 2020, how are you doing?

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Remember those plans that we created at the start of the year? The pressure of it being a new year and a new decade. How are you getting on with your goals and objectives? How many changes or improvements have you made in your business?

I made BIG plans and set really tight deadlines for this year. I’m ambitious and impatient and so I had a strong word with myself this morning when I revisited my plans.

Am I as far along as I wanted to be by now? No. I’m finding that the journey from A to B, actually needs pitstops at T(ry), L(earn), F(all) and R(ise).

Frustration brings out my inner Trunchbowl (the headteacher in Matilda) who loves telling me I’m a loser! Not today Trunchbowl!

I spotted this in Maria Forleo fab book Everything is Figureoutable:

“I win or I learn but I never lose”.

What a great mantra! Don’t beat yourself up if you’re not exactly following the plan you created for 2020. Celebrate the wins and acknowledge the learning. Slow progress is better than no progress so let’s keep moving forward.

We got this!



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