Early Conciliation Notifications are Rising


Most of us by now are aware of the ruling to abolish tribunal fees for claimants at the end of July 2017 by the Supreme Court. This ruling has led to Early Conciliation Notifications rapidly rising, and employers need to be aware of the rise as prevention is better than the cure.


If an employee wishes to make an employment claim, they must notify ACAS by using an Early Conciliation Notification, this gives the employer and employee the chance to resolve the issue without going to court.


Before the supreme court ruling notifications received by ACAS were at around 1,700 per week from April 2017, however since the ruling this has risen by an extra 500 notifications per week.


With the latest number of notifications received at around 2,200 per week, it is also unsurprising that there has been a 57% increase in ET 1 claims received due to the same reason.


All Employers, HR Managers and Line Managers need to be following the rules and managing all issues with employees effectively. No matter how small the issue may be ensuring that it is dealt with in line with current policies and procedures will help you avoid the consequences, which can be big!


If you need any support or have a few simple questions ask us! Don’t hesitate because it might just save you from ending up in a tribunal.


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