Back to School! – How should I deal with requests for term time working?

This week, working parents across the UK will be getting back into their weekday routine as the children go back to school after the long summer holiday, and normality resumes – until the next school holiday!

But as an employer, what should you do if any of your employees request term time working?

Term time working is a form of flexible working where an employee remains on a permanent contract but can take paid/unpaid leave during school holidays.  Any request for flexible working should be fully considered by an employer before either accepting or rejecting it, subject to the employee having been in continuous employment for 26 weeks or more.

The obligation on the company is to consider the request, not necessarily agree to it. However, there must be a genuine business reason for rejecting the request which can include one or more of the following:

·               extra costs that will damage the business

·               the work cannot be reorganised among other staff

·               people cannot be recruited to do the work

·               flexible working will affect quality and performance

·               the business will not be able to meet customer demand

·               there’s a lack of work to do during the proposed working times

·               the business is planning changes to the workforce

Have you had a request for flexible working, or do you need a Flexible Working Policy?  

Get in touch with us. We’re here to help. 


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