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Every small business and employer wants to boost productivity in their workplace, right? There are many different views on how to do this, but research recently published by the CIPD has suggested that giving a small businesses basic HR support can result in a boost in staff productivity.

The research showed that by providing face to face advice, telephone helpline and group training events in relation to job descriptions, workers terms and conditions and general queries, productivity in the workplace and management quality increased. HR helps you as a people manager to provide better support to your employees and deliver a better service to your customers.

Having HR present in your business can provide managers with someone to turn to when there is a crisis or simple advice is needed.  You dont necessarily need to recruit your own HR person and most SMEs find that they cannot justify the cost of doing so.  HR is a function that can be outsourced.

HR support can be invaluable not only when things go wrong, but it can allow you to keep everything in your business up-to-date such as contracts of employment, handbooks and policies, without the stress of having to rely on old documents or learn the new laws and try to update them yourself.

We are here to help. So, if your company needs a boost in productivity then Your HR Lawyer is where to look.

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Written by Leah Williams, Paralegal at Your HR Lawyer.


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