YHRL Schools- Day 2 at Inspiring Leaders Today Conference

After a positively challenging and thought provoking day yesterday I was excited and intrigued to know what was in store for the leaders of our schools today.

The recap of yesterday highlighted Phil’s call to ‘Champion the Children’, Roy Leighton’s 5 values of being open, kind, consistent, believing and being the change and Jim Lawless’ challenge and encouragement to find the hands that we need to shake, to look for the people that are going to help us, the people who we can work with.

Dave Whitaker (Executive Principal of Springwell Special Academy) gave an emotionally charged address highlighting the principle that relationships are key to success and illustrated the good, the bad and the ugly of teaching using experiences from Robbie Williams and Ian Wright. Well worth a Google!

A touching illustration of the impact one teacher can have on a child showing Ian Wright reduced to tears at being reunited with the teacher that invested in him back in his primary school, Mr Pigden. Compared with the bitterness and anger that defines Robbie’s ‘ugly’ experience of teachers.

It got me thinking, how do we find the Mr Pigdens of the world and if we have them in our schools already how do we keep them and develop them and encourage others to be like them?

I challenge myself to explore this further.

Yes, we provide HR and employment law support but it’s more than that.

We get what you have to do, and need to be, as leaders in your school.

We want to be the people you want to shake hands with.

We want to help and support your schools by allowing you as leaders to focus on championing children, unlock potential, to be the Mr Pigdens in your school and develop others to be Mr Pigdens.

We are the hand you need to shake, the people that you can work with, the people that will help make a difference. If you want to know more about what we do and how we do it contact us at hello@yourhrlawyer.co.uk.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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