Drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace

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Drug and alcohol abuse at work is a significant cause of employee absence and the root cause of many performance issues. According to the CIPD research centre, during 2015 alone, 17 million working days were lost in the UK through alcohol related sickness absence.

The less measurable effects of drug & alcohol abuse are often wrapped up in other performance issues and are therefore less easily measured & remain hidden. However the effects still negatively impact upon business productivity levels and can include injury, theft, low morale, poor customer service levels, accidents and general competence issues.

Suspecting that one of your employees may have a drug or alcohol problem is a serious issue for any employer to face and dealing with this dilemma in the right way is paramount.

What can you do as an employer to safeguard yourself and your staff?

The CIPD and the BMA stress the importance of having a clear policy in place which sets out how the business deals with alcohol and drugs in the workplace. Your policy should also be written into the contacts of employment.
People managers need training to recognise the signs of possible alcohol and drug misuse. They should also have access to support in taking the appropriate action if they suspect an employee has a problem.
We can work with you to help safeguard you and your employees by developing your alcohol and drug policy for you.

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