Euro 2016 and the workplace, 6 useful tips

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Euro 2016 starts on the 10th June- 51 matches over the course of a month. A lot of the matches will be played during normal working hours so here are 6 tips to help you deal with issues that may arise so you can avoid disruption.

Tip 1. Deal fairly with competing requests for time off
During Euro 2016 you may get an increase in holiday requests- this may range from half a day to watch a specific match to a few days to travel to a game. It may not be possible to accommodate all of these requests but try to deal with them fairly and consistently. Manage your employee’s expectations by letting them know how holiday requests will be dealt with. It also may be helpful to consider flexible working hours where granting leave is not possible.
Tip 2. Take steps to control sickness absence
If you monitor your sickness absence, your employees will be less likely to ‘pull a sickie’. Make sure your sickness absence policy is clear and do not be afraid to address the situation if you suspect an employee is not being truthful.

Tip 3. Use it to boost morale
Euro 2105  can be a great opportunity for team building, you could screen key matches in work hours if operational requirements permit it.

Tip 4. Avoid problems caused by time wasting
All of the excitement may cause a reduction in productivity and while wanting to keep up with the latest developments may be unavoidable to some degree, you can take action to deal with excessive time wasting or misuse of company property.

Tip 5. You must take care to avoid discrimination
Inter-country rivalry must not be allowed to spill into harassment and racism. Make sure that things that could be seen as ‘banter’ are not discriminatory. If there are any accusations made, take them seriously and investigate them in line with your policies and procedures.

Tip 6. Make your expectations clear to employees and be consistent
It may be helpful to set out your expectations in a sporting events policy or memo- this way everyone can know the rules of the game (excuse the pun!) The most important thing is that you are consistent in how you deal with any issues that arise, tackle them head on!

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