Are you fed up with telling your managers to “write it down”?

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Are you fed up with telling your managers to “write it down”?

We know that you would love it if your managers took proper notes of important conversations but very few of them do.  Those that do might write them on scraps of paper that don’t have the date and time on.  Most of the conversation stay in their heads!

How many times have you listened to their frustrations about a particular issue and then been on the receiving end of hostility when you advise them to start at the beginning of a HR process because you can’t prove what they have done so far (because they didn’t make a record of it!)?  Have you been made to feel like it’s your fault and HR red tape just gets in the way?

There are only 4 months left of this year so we thought that we would give out our last batch of the 2016 People Manager’s Diary to HR professionals in local businesses to make your lives easier.  It’s more than a diary; it’s a journal and there are some useful forms, planners, a notes section and HR and employment law facts throughout.

September is usually a busy month where the holidays end, we have to catch up and focus on making a concerted effort to make the last quarter of the year as productive as possible.

It’s a good time to develop new intentions and make them habits, like New Year’s resolutions.  We’re advising clients not to wait until 1st of January 2017 to become better People Managers.

Order your free diary and give it to one of your managers and next time they ask for your advice, ask them to bring it a meeting with you so that you can go through what they have done and when and provide them with a plan of action to resolve their issue.  Hopefully it will soon become second nature to make a note of relevant HR conversations.

This is just one of the practical tools that we offer our clients.  We are commercially savvy and friendly HR and employment law specialists, helping people managers manage people better.

If you would like to find out more about us or to request a People Manager’s Diaries for your business, please contact Masa Prastalo on 0115 870 0150 or – but be quick as the Diaries will all be gone soon to make way for the 2017 version. For more information visist



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