Gender Pay Gap Reporting- Be prepared!

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The government is taking steps to shame employers into closing the gender pay gap. Despite the Equalities Act, there is still a significant difference in the pay of men and women.

New regulations are being published later this month on the 26th of March 2016, making it compulsory for organisations with over 250 employers to share details about their differences in pay & bonus payments between male and female employees.

With the Gender Pay Gap currently standing at 19.1% between men & women in full and part-time worker within the UK (CIPD Dec 2015), there appears to be a long road ahead in order to bridge the gap between male & female pay.

The new regulations form part of the Equalities Act 2010, which previously left pay gap reporting as a voluntary responsibility for employers to conduct at will. This is all changing with effect from October 2016, when the reporting of gender pay details becomes mandatory and the formal reporting process begins.

As an employer you then have 6 months to prepare for providing an initial snapshot of your data by April 2017.

Mandatory full reporting commences in 2017 with the pay information being due for publication within the public domain by 2018. The intention is to list employers by name in a league table format, highlighting where the biggest differentials in pay and bonus payments lie and with whom.

As an employer within the private, public or voluntary sectors with over 250 employees, it’s in your best interests to gear up to get ready for the reporting requirements.

We can help you complete the information, help identify your issues and risks, helping you to close any gaps you may discover.

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