Here’s £1BN for your business

Imagine that someone offered to buy your business for £1BN, but obviously the offer would be subject to due diligence. How would that make you feel? Confident - or panicky about how quickly you can get your house in order?!
Skeletons in the closet

What HR skeletons are hiding in your closet?

It’s ok, we’ve all got things that we would prefer others didn’t know about us and the way we do business.  I know have! What are yours?

Even if those things are about other people, as a leader, it reflects badly on us for not doing anything about those people, doesn’t it?

You might have staff that:

  1. you have just put up with because they have been there for years and know about your business;
  2. are bullies, lecherous, lazy, crazy or just down-right odd;
  3. are gobby trouble-causers;
  4. don’t have any contracts, job descriptions or objectives in place;
  5. have been off sick for 2 years but you haven’t quite got around to taking them off the books; or
  6. are OK, but you’ll struggle to find many credible reasons why a purchaser should see them as an asset to your business.

You get the picture! You probably have a list of things that you would want to fix/hide.

Now imagine in the not too distant future that:

  1. you’ve let your “problem child(ren)” go;
  2. you’ve got a clear organigram with the right people in the right roles;
  3. your employer brand is evident throughout your business;
  4. your staff are more connected and engaged in bringing your vision to life;
  5. your staff have clear direction in terms of their performance, how its measured and rewarded;
  6. you’ve got your HR docs, systems and processes in order; and
  7. you’ve got a training, development and succession plan in place.

and guess what, the purchaser can’t find anything to justify knocking the price down! You could leave a legacy that you’re proud of. 

How good would that feel?! It’s absolutely achievable, as soon as you take yourself off auto-pilot and re-connect with your people. Contact me if you want some guidance on how to do that.


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