On the 7th day of Christmas Your HR Lawyer gave to me, advice on Employee Engagement

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And not the marital kind.

So, you have thought about annual leave over the festive period, you’ve given sensitive consideration to people with different religious beliefs or non-beliefs, you’ve dusted off your social media policy (or distributed the one I gave you for free on day 5) what about some festive cheer?

I can understand that it can feel like you are being given a list of rules and procedures, we do it to protect you and ensure that your employees are clear of what is expected. Believe it or not these rules and procedures are there to make your life easier in the long run….I promise!

So, employee engagement then…..

What is your employee engagement barometer measuring at the moment?

Are you employer of the year? Are you Scrooge personified? Or are you just Average Joe?

Why not take the opportunity to think back over the year and recognise the efforts and achievements of your team or employees?

It costs nothing to say well done or thank you and often we are so busy running a business that we forget the people that make it happen.

If you are not into public speaking or can’t get all of your employees together at the same time, try an email or a Christmas card.

People need feedback, they need to know they have done something well or just got through a busy or challenging year. A few genuine words of recognition and appreciation will go a long way to boosting your employee’s engagement in their workplace and therefore an increase in motivation and performance. It’s a no-brainer, a win:win.

It’s easy:

To Employees name

I just wanted to say a big thank you for [all your hard work this year] or [mention a specific event or piece of work]. I truly hope you have a great Christmas and a happy new year.

Thanks again for everything, I really appreciate it.

Your name.
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