On the 10th day of Christmas Your HR Lawyer gave to me, a Christmas HR Quiz

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Take our Christmas HR Quiz!

Question 1: If an employee turns in late for work during the festive period can I deduct their pay?

a)Yes of course, go ahead, no questions asked.
b)Absolutely not, how dare you even suggest such a thing
c)Yes if it’s there is a contractual provision for such a deduction

Question 2: Is it right that you don’t have the same responsibility for the duty of care for your employees at a work social event?

a)Yes that is correct, anything that happens is on their head not mine
b)No, I will be held responsible for everything that happens

Question 3: An employee got way too drunk at the office party, broke the photocopier and harassed another employee. I can withhold his bonus can’t I?

a)Yes, absolutely, the money can be used to pay for a new photocopier
b)No, that money is the employees and I can’t take it off them , they may take me to court
c)Yes, if the payment of the bonus is not a contractual entitlement

Question 4: An employee has been asking me about their career prospects and pay, the best place to discuss this with them is informally at the Christmas party

a)Yes, great idea, mustn’t let these things get too technical
b)No, there is a time and a place and a procedure. What would HR say?!!
c)It probably isn’t a good idea for a number of reasons but if it comes up in discussion….

Question 5: An employee has pushed and threatened another employee, I can sack him on the spot for gross misconduct can’t I?

a)Yes of course, you can’t have a violent employee working with you
b)No, there is a procedure for this that you must follow
c)No, but you can sack him, you just have to do it in a meeting

Question 6: One of my employees is demanding the bank holidays off as she is a Christian, do I have to agree?

a)yes or else you will be taken to an employment tribunal for discrimination on the grounds of religious belief
b)No, everyone has to work bank holidays

Christmas is closer than ever- don’t let HR issues fester over the Christmas break, let us deal with then for you now.
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