On the 5th day of Christmas Your HR Lawyer gave to me -information on ‘The office Christmas party’ and a free Social Media Policy

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Never before has social media been as accessible as it is now. As a result, never has your life had the potential to be as public as it does now!

The Christmas party is a prime opportunity for your employees to let their hair down and unwind at the end of the year. However, this opportunity also gives rise to the possibility of your employees “unwinding” to become a target for “uploading” onto social media.

We all know how easy it is to take, upload and share photos and videos. We take pictures of our food, our desks, our journeys to work so why not photos of colleagues looking a bit worse for wear, doing something crazy or something they shouldn’t be doing.

Not only could this cause all kinds of problems for the ‘victim(s)’ it could raise data protection issues if those appearing in photos have not consented to their images being uploaded on to social media sites.

What about what other people might say in response to seeing these photo’s, inappropriate messages could cause offence or embarrassment to anyone referred to in the post or to you as the employer, potentially damaging your reputation.

Do you have a social media policy? It might be a good idea to refresh your employee’s minds and remind them of the likely consequences or disciplinary action which could result from inappropriate use of social media. Email us at hello@yourhrlawyer and we will send you a social meda policy that you can circulate to your staff.

Don’t let HR be the party pooper this Christmas! Let us deal with your issues for you. Call us today on 0115 870 0150 or email hello@yourhrlawyer.co.uk

As you know there are 12 days of Christmas, so you have more gifts to come!


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