4 Simple HR Tips To Get You On Track

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Managing people doesn’t have to be as hard as you think. Here are 4 simple HR tips to get you on the right track.

HR Tips 1

Have a clear job description!  Having a clear job description is important. A lot of issues can arise from a lack of clarity as to what is expected. Employees rarely know exactly what you want them to do unless you tell them. Knowing what is expected in their role and what their key objectives are makes for a much more effective employee.

HR Tips 2

Contracts of employment are KEY! This is without a doubt the most important document that you provide to your employees. It sets out the rules of the game. It should cover everything from working hours to social media usage. You must issue all of your employees with contracts of employment within 2 months of them starting employment. Do all of your employees have contracts? And do they cover what they need to? Should things ever go wrong, this document will be crucial to protecting your business interests.

HR Tips 3

Write things down! Sometimes the simplest solutions are the most effective. So many times our clients tell us that they have spoken to a 100 times about their time keeping or absence. The first question that we ask them is ‘what evidence do you have?’, 9 times out of 10 they have none, this places them further behind than they thought they were in the process. This is frustrating for everyone involved. To tackle this, we have created a product called ‘The People Manager’s Diary’ it is the perfect place to record all of your employee interactions and you have useful tips and forms to keep you on the right track. So if you do get into any problems – you have all the evidence that you need! www.peoplemangersdiary.co.uk

HR Tips 4

Manage performance! It is so important to communicate with your employees and communication must be a two-way street. Regular appraisals or performance reviews are the best way to not only monitor but also to motivate. Often time constraints can prevent this type of proactive management but staff that feel that they are being listen to will look after your clients. It is also a good opportunity to pick up on any points that are causing concern to you as an employer.

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