Today I spent some time with Jayne, our Director of HR Services to ask questions such as “why HR?”, “why Guardian?” and “why pick Jayne as your first point of call for HR services” Millie Dawson, BD Intern

Interviewing Jayne

Today I spent some time with Jayne, our Director of HR Services to ask questions such as “why HR?”, “why Guardian?” and “why pick Jayne as your first point of call for HR services?”

Here is what Jayne had to say:

Q: What is your working background?

Well, firstly I attained my Law degree at the University of Liverpool, which is where I met Nickie, our Founder, and discovered a love for employment law. However, after studying for so long it was clear to me that I didn’t want to go down the solicitor route (which involved more studying) but instead I wanted to be more involved with people in the workplace.

As such, I searched and searched for entry roles in HR but due to my lack of relevant experience, it was a real challenge in trying to get someone to give me a chance! Then Eurocamp came along and they accelerated my HR career by supporting me in doing a diploma in HR Management- this was fantastic!

Since then, I have then worked in most HR positions in an array of organisations as an assistant, advisor, consultant and now director. Guardian is the perfect place for me to thrive as I get to pursue my career in HR whilst utilising my underpinning knowledge in employment law – it’s the best of both worlds!

Q: Why HR?

I love working with people managers and business leaders to help them overcome challenges within their teams and also putting proactive HR measures in place to encourage a positive and engaged workforce.

I also love the people psychology side; why do people behave like they do? And how do certain situations occur in a business? As such I love to create solutions for this! Again, with the people being the focus, I find it interesting to see how engaged they actually are and how this can impact a business; you’d be surprised by the outcome!

Q: What is your favourite part of being the Director of HR Services at Guardian?

The face-to-face interaction for sure and getting stuck into different client issues; devising solutions that make their employees more engaged, their organisation run smoothly and make their organisations more profitable.

I also love the team here at Guardian as we have a fantastic mix of skills, knowledge and experience, which is shared between us freely.  We also enjoy a good natter and listening to some music in the office, when workload allows of course!

Q: What do you specifically offer to clients?

Trusted experience!

I am supportive and approachable, offering positivity in situations which seem gloomy; making it more enjoyable for everyone involved. I also provide a pragmatic approach to my work, so I think about the practicalities and try to find quick solutions, whilst meeting our client’s needs.

Q: How would others describe you?

Friendly, outgoing, approachable and conscientious (I’d like to think!).

Q: Where do you see Guardian Business Services in 10 years?

To have overtaken our main competitors (for the right reasons) as we have so much to offer!

I loved interviewing Jayne.  She is a genuine ‘people’s person’ who has a real passion for HR and is happy helping Guardian’s clients. Jayne has extensive experience and a legal background so can offer bespoke HR services and advice.

She’s your go to if you have a HR issue that you need to work through and I’m sure she’d be more than delighted to hear from you!

Thanks for reading!


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