Investigations; your job or mine?

If I was asked to stand up in front of 35 children and teach, or contribute to a staff meeting on raising attainment, or sit in a strategic Heads meeting and contribute something meaningful and relevant I would feel somewhat out of my comfort zone!

It’s the same principal when HR expect their senior leadership in schools to conduct investigations.

It is never an easy situation when something has happened in a school with one of your team members that has led to the need to start an investigation. You work with these people every day not to mention the time aspect, you have a school to run!

Investigations are an art form! They are often complicated and time consuming and, if its not something you do a lot, it’s daunting.

The investigation stage of any case is key to the success of the case. If the evidence isn’t there or clearly presented, if there are holes in the case and unanswered questions it can make the difference to the outcome.

So what is an investigation?

It is the gathering of facts.

It is fair and impartial

It is conducted in a timely manner

It has no holes!

It’s the information that a decision is based.

It’s key.

It’s a legal requirement.

Making a decision without completing a reasonable investigation can make any subsequent decisions or actions unfair, and leave an employer vulnerable to legal action.

How do we investigate?

Take the allegations and look for evidence to support or contradict them

Impartially and objectively

Use someone that is not connected with the allegations

Leave no question unanswered!

Not by means of interrogation

This is a little taster of the reason and process for investigations, there is so much more.

At Your HR Lawyer we are experienced in conducting investigations and we want to help you to have more time to do your job, so, if you need an investigation doing, give us a call. Happy to help.


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