Let’s get engaged!

Don’t get too excited, I know it’s Valentine’s Day but this isn’t a marriage proposal! It’s a call to get engaged with the people in your business.

If you want to experience the honeymoon period with them again, you’ve got to plan the engagement party first, otherwise your workforce may leave you at the altar!

OK, enough of the wedding analogy!! You get it!

If you want to know what’s really going on in your workforce; how happy your managers and employees are with the company; its leaders and their peers, we’d like to share the love and offer you the opportunity to click here, complete your FREE Engagement Assessment and get your Engagement Score now……aren’t you curious to find out what they think?!


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Interviewing Jayne

Today I spent some time with Jayne, our Director of HR Services to ask questions such as “why HR?”, “why Guardian?” and “why pick Jayne as your first point of call for HR services?”

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The effect of the unintentional bully

My joy at being given this opportunity was crushed and replaced instead with an overwhelming feeling of dread and nausea every morning as I drove to work.
Looking back, I recognise that my line manager simply wasn’t skilled or experienced enough to deal with the situation and was avoiding confrontation; he was also let down by our employer.

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