Are you a lover or a fighter?

Nickie Elenor, blog


Anyone that knows me will know that I’m both; I’m very protective of my clients and will fiercely defend them if I need to…..but sometimes I urge them to take a step back and avoid the fight.


It’s not a sign of weakness to give up the fight when:

  • You’ve messed up;
  • You’re wrong (hard to admit sometimes!);
  • You are unnecessarily stressed out by it;
  • You are unlikely to convince the other person to see your point of view;
  • You are wasting your time, energy and resources when you could be focusing on something more worthwhile;
  • It is costing you more to fight than it would to reach a settlement on commercial terms.


It is a sign of strength of character to see through the red mist and focus on finding a solution to a dispute.


It can be empowering to ‘drop the rope’ in your tug of war and walk away.


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