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I’ve been reflecting on the Bett exhibition that we attended back in January.

What a fabulous 3 days we spent there. By the end I had tired legs, achy feet ad a sore throat, but that was evidence that we had been busy!

I met some funny, interesting and inspiring people and hope that this will be the start of some great collaborations going forward.

As I looked around the exhibition I was surrounded by plinky-plonky reading apps for tiny children, hi-tech gadgets to make learning fun, robots to build and manage, interactive boards seemingly made for Piccadilly Circus or Times Square and not to mention Jedi Knights, Storm Troopers and a man with a light bulb on his head!

I considered how times have changed since I was at school, I consider school budgets vs the cost of some of these innovations and I consider that these gadgets are all well and good but if schools don’t have great staff and teachers, they are pointless.

We want to help schools bolster, strengthen and develop their people to be the inspiration to the pupils, anything else schools buy on top of that is a bonus.

If you want support to manage your staff, to tackle areas of under-performance or to look at the best structure for your school then please get in touch, we’d love to help


p.s. we love the technology by the way – there are some powerful learning enhancing inspirational products out there but let’s not forget the power of the people!!


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