Prevention IS better than cure

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Some people don’t see the benefits of insurance until they need it and I think the same applies to contracts of employment.  You would be surprised how many employers (including those with 100+ employees) don’t have contracts of employment in place – I still am every time I discover one!

“We’ve got a loyal workforce, I know them and we don’t need contracts”

Er, yes you do.  As soon as an “issue” arises, the first thing to do is check what the contract says.

A well drafted contract should tell you:

  • How long a probationary period is;
  • Where you can ask them to work;
  • What you can reasonable expect them to do;
  • That you can make deductions from pay if you overpay them or they cause damage or loss to the company;
  • That your information, property and IP is yours
  • That they are not permitted to poach your clients and key employees;
  • How much notice either party must give the other; and
  • Their entitlements to pay, benefits and holidays.

Sort out your contracts now, rather than waiting until there is an issue that becomes a headache.

……..By the way, to answer a common misconception, you can issue new contracts to existing staff.

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