It’s Ramadan- here is what you need to know

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The holy Islamic month of Ramadan has started, this will mean that millions of Muslim workers will begin a month of fasting, they will not eat or drink anything between dawn and sunset. As an employer, you will need to make appropriate adjustments to support those observing the fast. What can you do to support them?

It may be helpful to inform other members of staff about when Ramadan is, how long it lasts and what it entails. While few Muslims would expect their colleagues not to eat or drink around them when they are fasting, it is important to be sensitive. Working lunches, meetings based around shared food, staff meals and away days are best to be avoided if possible, if they are unavoidable then special arrangements need to be made for those that are fasting.


As those observing will be foregoing food for around 16 hours a day, energy levels may be lower towards the end of the day. As an employer you may want to offer flexible working hours at this time or allow additional breaks, many Muslims may prefer to start earlier, shorten their lunch break and finish earlier.


Ramadan is more than just avoiding food, it is about cultivating purity and a virtuous lifestyle. Many Muslims may wish to pray more often during Ramadan, having a quiet, private and clean space to do so is often appreciated.


Eid-al-Fitr is a three-day festival that marks the end of Ramadan so you should expect Muslim workers to request annual leave for this period.


If you have any questions or need further guidance on how to support your workers during this time then get in touch by emailing, we are here to help.

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