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Nickie Elenor, blog

Have you ever received papers from the Employment Tribunal telling you that one of your employees has made a Claim against you?  I bet many of you reading this can say with confidence “no”.  That’s great, but did you know that the chances of receiving one have now significantly increased following a Judgement of the Supreme Court on 26th July 2017?


The Court ruled that it is unlawful to charge people fees of up to £1200 to pursue a Claim against their employers.  This is a game changer!


Quite rightly, it gives more employees access to justice where they have been wronged by their employer. I am biased towards employers but I recognise that they don’t get it right all of the time and the employee may find justice in the Employment Tribunal.


But my concern is that it also opens the floodgates to the employees that have caught their employer out on a technicality or are “trying it on” in the hope that their employer will pay them some money to make the Claim go away (the “vexatious” litigant).


Don’t get caught out.  Change your approach to managing your people from today.  You need to raise your game and do things properly.  The stakes are higher now and the risk of litigation has increased.


We’re running a Mock Employment Tribunal on 4th October 2017.  If you want to find out more about what happens in the Employment Tribunal and what you can do now to mitigate the chances of ending up there for real, for more information click here. 


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