Small businesses reluctant to engage lawyers, why?

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I read an article recently about how small businesses are reluctant to engage lawyers due to a fear of high costs and the open-ended nature of legal proceedings. It is seen as a last resort and they would rather speak to their accountant or give it a go themselves.

I must admit, it put a bee in my bonnet.

I took a look at our firm and the way we operate- we keep our costs reasonable, and in fact our objective is to keep them down for our clients. We don’t run the clock or over-quote for work, we simply ask to be paid for the work done. We also work towards keeping our clients away from unnecessary and expensive litigation. We deal with everything on a case by case basis and take a commercial approach. We ask our clients what they want to achieve and we find the best course of action in order to do so.

Engaging lawyers does not have to be costly or stressful but instead, it can be the most cost-effective and simplest way to deal with an issue.

You have heard the phrase ‘if you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur’, nothing could be truer. So often we are contacted by employers who have tried to fix a problem themselves and got it wrong. Unpicking this and trying to put it back on the right track can be time-consuming and sometimes the damage has already been done, leaving the business vulnerable and wide open to potential claims.

The HR support that we offer is the best insurance policy you can have as an employer- we are lawyers and we are also experts in HR- if you have us on your team you know that HR issues will be nipped in the bud and we will protect your business.

Don’t wait until it all goes wrong to scrabble around for a fix- that’s the most expensive way to do it! Preparation and planning…

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