Nickie Elenor

Hello, I’m Nickie Elenor and I understand how challenging it can be to be an employer.

I have been supporting you guys since I set up my own law firm in 2006.  The first client that I told about going solo said “about bloody time too! You’re not like those other stuffy lawyers” and I’m not!

I am hugely biased towards hard-working business owners, particularly those in second or next generation businesses.  Trying your best to be good, likeable employers and influence the happiness and effectiveness of your workforce and inadvertently getting it wrong, to your cost.

I empathise when you are too afraid to tackle the employee that is taking the piss and playing the system because you know that the employee has taken advice from ACAS and “knows their rights” and I get very protective of you.

I see you as the underdog in a conflict situation because often, you’re the last one to know that there is a problem before it’s escalated into a full-blown war and you’re ill-equipped to deal with the fall out.

I think that’s because I am also an employer too and it’s not always gone swimmingly for me either. I’ve employed over 20 people in the past 13 years, and I’ve had to walk through the minefield of poor performers, reasonable adjustments for disabilities, personality clashes, persistent absence, redundancies and misconduct. At times, I have wanted to walk away but it’s not that simple when it’s your business, is it?

I found a way to fall back in love with running my business and restore my trust and faith in employing others. I want to share my knowledge and experience with you to help you to do the same.

My goal is simple; to fix whatever immediate HR issues are causing you sleepless nights so that you can focus on running your business, re-connect with your people, enjoy the journey and leave a legacy to be proud of.