The 3 stage test when bringing your employees back to the workplace

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) are encouraging businesses to adopt the following test before bringing back those employees who are unable to work from home:

1.Is it essential?

If your employees can continue to work from home, then they must do so.

If they are unable to work from home, then you need to consider whether their work is essential, or whether they could be furloughed for longer;

2. Is it safe?

Remember your duty of care to your employees. Have you identified and managed the risks to ensure that the workplace is safe;

3. Is it mutually agreed?

Understandably, many people will feel anxious to return to work. Ensure you are communicating with your employees and listening and addressing any concerns they may have.

Moreover, Peter Cheese, the CIPD Chief Executive, has stated that “Even with those measures in place the return to work must still be gradual so that social distancing can be maintained.”

Step 3 is likely to be the most challenging step and will very much depend on many factors such as what you do, your workplace environment, employee contact with each other and third parties and the requirements of your customers/clients.

If you need any advice on how to ensure that the above three steps have been met, including consulting with your employees and/or introducing changes to implement a gradual and flexible back to work procedure then please contact us on


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