The Aftermath of the Bank Holiday Weekend…

It’s been around 30 degrees over the bank holiday weekend, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be much cooler today! So, we wanted to give you some advice on how you can prepare for the week ahead…

‘It’s too hot!’ ‘It’s too cold!’

With the everchanging UK weather, it’s difficult to get the temperature right and ensure everyone is happy. Try to keep temperatures ‘reasonable’ dependant on the type of work being carried out. 

Be particularly mindful of those carrying out physical jobs. Ensure they have access to water so they can stay hydrated and are given the appropriate rest breaks. 

Have all of your employees returned to work?

If anyone has got a little carried away over the weekend and failed to return to work on time or at all, the best thing to do is to treat this like any other day. First step – reach out to find out where they are. 

If this is a case of the employee requested annual leave, which you had to decline and they failed to come into work anyway, then carry out an investigation to establish why the employee has acted in this way. If there is no justifiable reason, start the disciplinary process. 

Remember not to always assume the worst and provide the employee a chance to explain.  

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