The Workable Plan


Before you add another work around,
you need a Workable Plan, that works for YOU!

DEFINE your boundaries

Set your PERFORMANCE standards

MANAGE your people better

Plan for CHANGE

END relationships that no longer serve you  

 With a Workable Plan, you’ll create:

A clear business case and end goal;

A list of who is affected (and who is not) and why;

Clarity on roles and responsibilities;

Planned processes to achieve your goals;

A timetable for implementation;

A breakdown of employee costs; and

The risks associated with the project.


My goal is simple; 

Hello, I’m Nickie Elenor and I understand how challenging it can be to be a People Manager.   

As well as providing HR and employment law advice for nearly 20 years, I am also a business owner and people manager (and it’s not always gone swimmingly for me either!). 

Sometimes it feels like the odds are stacked against you, doesn’t it?

I found a way to fall back in love with running my business and being an employer and I want to make HR workable for you too.

It all starts with a Workable Plan.

Your Workable Plan
working for you in just 90 days


Diagnostic HR Assessment

Video walkthroughs & workbook
to help you step by step through your planning 

Live weekly calls

Private community for support

Guides & checklists

‘Phone a HR friend’ lifelines 

Lawyer review before you implement your plans