Trust your people

Nickie Elenor, blog

Are you the kind of manager that finds it hard to delegate?  Is it quicker to do it yourself rather than teach someone else to do it or explain what you want?  Do you think that you are the only one that can do it?

STOP! Stand back……….really?  You only have so many hours in the day and one pair of hands.  Why bother recruiting staff at all if you are not going to let them learn, develop and support you properly?

If your team are incapable, show them the way and if they still don’t reach a satisfactory standard after a reasonable time period, maybe they are in the wrong job.  Their skill set may be better utilised elsewhere in your business – or with another employer.

You are not superhuman.  You probably can’t do everything – or shouldn’t because some tasks are not an effective use of your time.

Take 10 minutes to write down a To Do list and then think about what you can delegate to others in your team.


……….Oh look, where did that extra 2 hours come from to do something more worthwhile!


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