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We value our clients and it is important to us that they are happy. We want to know their story and we get to know their business.

We wanted to share one of our client’s stories with you…

‘We acquired our business just over 2 years ago. We are now a fast growing company with around 40 staff. We don’t have any HR staff in our employment and we had very limited HR documentation in place. Any issues that we encountered previously were dealt with in the best way we could but there was always a doubt as to whether we were following the correct process.

Having now signed up for a retainer contract with YHRL all of our contracts of employment, employee handbook and HR policies are being brought up to date and we can now be totally confident that these are fit for purpose, legally compliant and contain all of the information necessary to protect both our employees and the company. We also have the comfort of knowing that they will be updated as necessary without us having to keep up to date ourselves with changing legislation.

It is fantastic to have this professional documentation prepared on our behalf. However, the really big plus is that if we have any employment issues to deal with we only have to pick up the phone or send a quick email to our consultant and we get clear no-nonsense advice and assistance from someone who understands our business to help us deal with the issue in the correct way. The response we receive is very fast and if you need the consultant to be with you for support this service is also available.

Deciding to use YHRL support has been an extremely good decision as we now have confidence that whatever situation we face we will be advised correctly, with support from a knowledgeable and friendly consultant who also has the support of an in-house HR lawyer.’

Jackie Hughes, Anglian Aggregate Bagging Co. Ltd


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