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Reassure your leaders and investors that you’ve got HR covered with fixed-fee, commercial and practical support for your people managers provided by our experienced experts 

Real-Time Advice

Pragmatic real-time advice tailored to your business, its people and the circumstances of your issue

Everyday Documents

Bespoke contracts of employment and essential policies, procedures, letters and other day to day documents

People Strategy

Review and update or create your strategy for managing your people better


From £125 per month

Additional Services

  • on-site consultancy
  • management training
  •  project management
  • legal representation
  • dispute insurance
Workable Support

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We Provide Outsourced Fixed-Fee HR Services For Small & Mid-Sized Businesses

Speak to one of our friendly team about your HR requirements and find out how we can support you on a fixed fee retained basis.


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Speak to one of our friendly team about your HR requirements and find out how we can support you on a fixed fee retained basis.

The Swiss Army knife of people management! This all-inclusive bundle is like having your own HR superhero by your side. It's got everything you need to conquer those HR hurdles with finesse and a touch of pizzazz. Picture this: you'll receive pragmatic real-time advice tailored to your unique business and its fabulous people. Oh, and we're talking about bespoke contracts of employment, essential policies, procedures, and all those nifty day-to-day documents. Need a people management strategy makeover? Consider it done! But wait, there's more! Depending on your retainer level, you could enjoy on-site consultancy, management training, project management, legal representation, and even dispute insurance. So, sit back, relax, and let the fixed-fee HR package be your trusted sidekick in tackling HR challenges with style and a dash of humour.


Our team of HR heroes is here to save the day whenever you need them. Expect lightning-fast response times to your inquiries and HR emergencies because, hey, time is of the essence! We're available on an ongoing basis to ensure you have the support you deserve, no matter the HR project or issue. Now, let's address the elephant in the room: limitations. We believe in being transparent, so depending on your specific fixed-fee arrangement, there might be some boundaries on the number of hours or interactions included. But worry not, our goal is to find the sweet spot that caters to your needs while ensuring you get the most bang for your buck. We're here to support you, my friend, so let's conquer those HR challenges together!

Rest assured, our team is packed with highly qualified and experienced individuals who know their HR stuff inside out. They come armed with impressive qualifications, certifications, and a wealth of practical experience in handling all things HR. Your Workable team have tackled HR challenges across various industries and are well-versed in the unique needs of businesses like yours. But don't just take our word for it! Our track record speaks for itself. We've garnered a stellar reputation for delivering top-notch HR services to businesses similar to yours. Our clients have sung our praises, impressed by our ability to keep them satisfied, ensure compliance with the ever-changing HR landscape, and solve problems like nobody's business. So, get ready to tap into a pool of HR talent that's ready to save the day and make your HR journey a resounding success!

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