Why we choose to use Your HR Lawyer

We asked George Thomas at the Whites Group about why he brought Your HR Lawyer on board, the response speaks for itself!

At Your HR Lawyer we pride ourselves on the service that we provide our customers. We always ask our clients for feedback so that we are able to see where we can improve our service.

Here is what George had to say about Your HR Lawyer-

3 words to describe YHRL? Available, affordable and efficient.

What was the catalyst the made you realise you needed help with HR?  I had already engaged HR support from Irwin Mitchell in the 12 months preceding instructing YHRL. I looked elsewhere because Irwin Mitchell had offered me entirely remote support, they weren’t local to us and their quote for renewal was significantly increased due to the way their packages are structured.

Why did you choose YHRL? Once I had met Nickie and heard about the service, support and the cost it was a no brainer for us as a business. To have that level of support without being ‘on the clock’ meant that I can protect the business and the staff without fear of receiving a big bill at the end of each month.

If you had to name one thing that you really like about working with us, what would it be? The quality and speed of support.

Would you recommend YHRL? Without a shadow of a doubt. This is the biggest no-brainer when it comes to protecting your business from HR issues. You take out insurance for everything else and this is no different.


Want to join George and the rest of our clients to get peace of mind and the support you and your business need? Call us on 0115 870 0150 or email masa@yourhrlawyer.co.uk

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Thank you from Your HR Lawyer!


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