You’re not like other lawyers!

Nickie Elenor, blog

It’s something that I’m often told…I think it’s a compliment! I do agree: No, I’m not!  For years, I got into the character of what a ‘proper’ lawyer should be like occasionally but I could never pull it off for long before I showed my network and clients what my real style was – and they preferred that funnily enough!

There weren’t many females setting up their own law firms at 31 and I felt that I had to be act like a lawyer to fit in to a male dominated profession (at the top anyway) and gain respect and credibility. Maybe that has got me where I am today.  I don’t know.

I’m still reluctant to do TV, radio and video in case I give the game away and say something jovial in a Bridget Jones style when I am supposed to be giving an educated view on a topical matter but I’ll happily speak at events, advise and train people face to face.

Be prepared that I have a playful side which makes me crack bad jokes occasionally (it’s ok to groan) but I have a big heart and genuinely care about and empathise with my clients. I will do whatever I can to take away their HR and employment law stresses.

Get in touch if you want to meet for a brew to discuss whatever is bothering you 🙂


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